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Bending Brothers by NeoTheBean

Overall this is really well-done. Mako and Bolin family stuff is always nice, and you make these kids so cute it's ridiculous. Onto the...

~*In.The.Dark*~ by 8-Xenon-8

This is an interesting picture that manages to capture a somewhat different style from the show. The first thing that stands out is def...

I am addicted to critiques. I don't know why---I enjoy it, plus I figure it's a great way to advertise myself while also advertising others to all of my watchers. Anyway, feel free to browse through these for something you like. :-)


Summary: A Steven Universe fanfic. He’s a goofy but heroic magical warrior, she’s his bookish but surprisingly tough best friend, and these are fifty short scenarios from their relationship. Steven/Connie, COMPLETE.

001. Heart

"Happy Valentine's Day—" she began, only to stare as she saw Steven on the ground, hopelessly tangled in a paper chain of hearts.

002. Stone

Steven carefully took the bubbled Gem and placed it floating above Connie's outstretched hands. "Centipeetle? There's someone I want you to meet. This is my friend, Connie."

003. Cold

Most guys would offer their girlfriends their jacket. Steven's just summoned his bubble to keep out the wind.

004. Hole

"Oh," Steven said, as Connie lifted her foot to reveal that half of her shoe had melted. "Yeah, sorry...I guess I should have warned you about the lava. You can borrow my spare sandals if you want."

005. Cut

"See? We'll still be fine without your healing powers," Connie said, smoothing out the band-aid on Steven's blushing cheek.

006. Queue

They'd been waiting for two hours to get into DelmarvaCon, but on the plus side a lot of people had complimented their matching Lisa/Archimicarus costumes.

007. Turn


"Hey, do you want to try driving?!" Connie screamed, then winced as they slammed into yet another trashcan.

008. Apathy

"IT'S OUR FIRST OFFICIAL DATE!" Steven cried, pulling a blushing Connie into a sideways hug.

As Sadie smiled, Lars rolled his eyes. "I'm thrilled for you. Now, I think the waiter said that your table was over there...?"

009. Innocence

"Wait, wait, wait—you let us stay home alone all the time when we were younger, but we can't anymore now that we're older? What sense does that make?!"

010. Stay

Connie smiled shyly as Steven stared. "There are plenty of good colleges around here. And besides, I don't want to go away and miss any exciting magical adventures, do I?"

011. Drunk

"Apparently they weren't supposed to drink that," Garnet said, as Pearl's eye twitched and Steven and Connie fell over each other, giggling like idiots.

012. Attitude

Everyone, from her parents to her teachers to the kids she barely knew at school, could tell that Connie was happier since meeting Steven. It was just hard to be upset about anything after a conversation with him.

013. Rational

"Steven? I can think of, like...three different ways that that plan could get us both killed."
"Really? What's the third?"

014. Possible

Connie scratched her head, lowering the tabloid to the table. "I want to say that this is crazy, but my best friend is a magical alien rock-boy so I guess that leprechauns could be real?"

015. Temperature


"You said she had a temperature, so I—oh wait, you still don't know about my healing powers, do you?"

016. Goodbye

Steven clung to her leg, tears in his eyes. "NO! Please don't leave me, Connie! I'll do anything!"

"Steven, come on—I'll only be gone a week. Now please let go, my parents are watching us."

017. Hero

She glomped him. "Oh my gosh! Steven, you did it!"

He smiled wanly. "No—we did it," he whispered, leaning on her to keep from falling to his knees.

018. Point

Connie suddenly pointed. "Magical destiny stuff! Magical destiny stuff RIGHT THERE STEVEN HURRY IT'S GETTING CLOSER!"

019. Try

Steven took a deep breath, took hold of the hand in front of him and said "Connie...will you marry me?"

Garnet stared back at him. "No."


"Just trying to prepare you for every possibility."

020. Dinner

"Get ready for—TOGETHER DINNER! ...What? Don't you like pizza?"

"Yeah, but I've just never tried it with whipped cream before."

021. Scar

"...It makes me look ugly, doesn't it?" Connie whimpered, trying to cover her face with her hand.

Steven, however, had stars shining in his eyes. "I want a scar too it looks so badass."

022. Perfect

The pair lay on the grass, looking up at the clouds as they glowed in the sunset.

"...This is nice, isn't it?"


023. Solution

Connie stared in amazement as the Gem computer brought up holographic screens all around them, showing a huge assortment of icons and symbols and pictures of unknown worlds.

"Okay, I've got it running!" Steven said cheerfully. "Now, what was that math problem again?"

024. Science

Connie pointed her Geiger counter at Steven's stomach. "Hey, do some magic. I want to test something."

025. Proud

"Do you love it?" Steven asked excitedly.

Connie looked down at the picture, biting her lip. "It'"

026. Pretend

"This is so much fun!" Steven gushed, as the two fought off the monster that Rose's room had produced. "This is just what I needed after all those stressful missions!"

027. Late

Sorry I'm late. The ancient Gem fortress collapsed. Will be there soon if we survive.

Connie frowned, lowering her cell phone. "Oh. Um...should I order without him...?"

028. Forever

"But—wait. I'm gonna live forever, but Connie...?"

029. Defend

As Steven lay groaning on the ground, Connie picked up his shield and stood trembling against the oncoming enemy.

030. Gone


Connie covered her mouth in horror as she gazed at the pile of rubble where the Gem Temple used to be.

031. Determined

Steven put on his most serious expression (which looked ridiculous), grabbed Connie's hands and marched purposefully toward the obstacle in their path.

032. Abducted

"They're gone! All three of them are gone, Connie! And Yellow Diamond's ship is probably halfway back to the Homeworld by now!"

Connie considered that for a moment, forcing herself not to remain calm for Steven.

"Then we'll just have to go to the Homeworld and get them back."

033. Communication

"Come on! Just until I get a new cell phone?"

"Steven, these Wailing Stones are ancient Gem artifacts, and I doubt that Connie's parents would appreciate them going off at all hours of the night."

034. Disguise

"The way I see it, we can either sneak in by fusing, or—"

Steven held up a trench coat and fedora with a hopeful look on his face.

035. Drugged

"Huh? Steven, I said to check in my purse—that's my mom's medical bag! Wait—those aren't candy Steven please tell me you didn't eat them?!"

036. Tragedy

Steven cried in her arms for ten minutes after that shocking Under the Knife finale.

037. Butterfly

"It's so prettAAAGGGHHH!" Connie said, as Steven barely managed to stop it from impaling her with its razor-sharp proboscis.

038. Effect

Steven chuckled as Connie made a face. "Yeah, Fish Stew Pizza has that effect on people. It's an acquired taste."

039. Design

"Wow—Steven, this is incredible!" Connie said, turning the dress around to see it from all sides. Then, in a confused tone, "When exactly did you become an expert at fashion design?"

040. Substance

Ronaldo grabbed his face and turned it, his eyes going wide. "STEVEN! You have some kind of foreign substance smeared on your cheek! Is it ectoplasm?"

He completely failed to notice that Connie was standing there with the same colored lipstick.

041. Smoke

Steven pried open the door and the two tumbled out of the van, coughing and sputtering.

"Dad...isn't going to like this."

042. Paranormal

Steven shrugged. "Actually, things around here have been pretty boring today."

Behind him, Connie saw a sudden flash of light fill the beach house, followed by the sound of Amethyst screaming.

043. Spooky

Connie looked nervously around the dark forest. "What if something dangerous is hiding out here?"

"I wouldn't worry about that," Steven said. "I mean, even if that monster does come back, it'd be kinda hard for something that big to sneak up on us, right? Ha-ha!—...hey, are you alright?"

044. Spy

The two teenagers leaned closer, about to kiss, when the pure-white bird above them let out a loud, horrified shriek.


045. Morph

Connie stared at the other Connie, who was perfectly identical except for the clothes and the huge, goofy smile plastered on "her" face.

"...Okay, this is a little creepy. Turn back now."

046. Pulse

Steven frowned as he felt her wrist. "So everyone has one of those? And here I thought it was just one of my weird Gem things."

047. Dare

"Okay, dare!" Steven said confidently, crossing his arms over his chest.

Amethyst grinned, looking from him to Connie and wondering just how hard she could make them both blush.

048. Whisper

Connie couldn't even hear what Steven said; she was too distracted by the way that his lips were tickling her ear.

049. Insecure

Connie still thought that it was strange, how out of his team of magical companions and practically all of Beach City Steven would still pick her for the coveted title of "best friend."

050. Writers' Choice—Family

"It might be dangerous. You guys better stay in the house."

"But Daaad—"

"Listen to your father," Connie said, taking out her sword as Steven summoned his shield. The two exchanged a look, smirked at each other, and went on the attack.
50 Words of Funky Flow
I like doing these "50 Words" things, and they're particularly good for pairings that one likes but can't necessarily come up with a story for. So, I hope that you enjoy one for Steven and Connie!
It was :iconthecartoontitan: this time.


1.) You must post these rules.
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons and/or username on this journal.
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.
6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.</span>
7.) No tag-backs.
8.) Can't say, no tags.
9.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.
10.) Go to the tagger's page and inform him/her that you've made a "Got Tagged" journal entry.

You can't make me inflict this on anyone else.

1. What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

I dunno. I watch the Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Christmas special multiple times every year. 

2. Who's your favorite TGWTG reviewer/former reviewer if you watch them?

I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite, to be honest. Probably the Nostalgia Chick or Obscurus Lupa. 

3. If you had to stay in one place for the rest of your life where would it be?

My house, away from everyone else. 

4. Favorite/ Least Favorite Disney Canon or Pixar movie?

I'm not good with "favorites." :X I really liked Up. And Bedknobs and Broomsticks is pure nostalgia for me. For least favorite, I recently saw Mulan II. It was pretty horrible. 

5. What's the worst episode you've seen of a cartoon you like?

I don't think I can pick a "worst of all time ever," but...I'll go with "Proposition Infinity" from Futurama. Preachy political episodes can be bad enough, but they're far worse when they derail the characters and make no sense and why the hell should I care if Bender and Amy can't get married when their relationship is as shallow and unhealthy as a puddle of swamp water, and she was with Kif like, ten minutes ago and then they just get back together at the end so the whole episode winds up meaning nothing. If you were going to go this stupid route, why didn't you just hook Bender up with some new human character or something BAH it was like they were so eager to just write anything about gay marriage that they didn't notice how stupid the story was dammit!

(If you were expecting a Total Drama episode, I'm disqualifying those because they come from whole seasons that I hate.)

6. Your most hated media character who isn't from… that show?

Family Guy. Like...every main character. I hate Family Guy. So much. 

7. What would you do with a time machine?

Well, I could try to kill Hitler in the past or something, but I'd probably just wind up breaking know what? I'm gonna go back to my hatred of Family Guy and make it so that it never gets un-cancelled. I think that's the most good I can do for the world without accidentally erasing myself from existence or something. 
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Anyway, hello! My name is JoeMerl, dAddict and obsessive member of many fandoms. I mostly draw cruddy MS Paint fanart, write far better-quality fanfiction, and am also working on some original fiction that gets posted here in bits and pieces. I hope you like my stuff, and if nothing else, thanks for one more pageview! ;-)

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Current Residence: Pensacola, FL, USA.
Favourite style of art: Cartoonish.
Shell of choice: Turtles.
Favourite cartoon character: Dib from "Invader Zim." There's a very long list of others I could mention.

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