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Stuff I like, for whatever reason. Mostly fanart.


Bending Brothers by NeoTheBean

Overall this is really well-done. Mako and Bolin family stuff is always nice, and you make these kids so cute it's ridiculous. Onto the...

~*In.The.Dark*~ by 8-Xenon-8

This is an interesting picture that manages to capture a somewhat different style from the show. The first thing that stands out is def...

I am addicted to critiques. I don't know why---I enjoy it, plus I figure it's a great way to advertise myself while also advertising others to all of my watchers. Anyway, feel free to browse through these for something you like. :-)

Time for the final three to show off their "talents."


Sky wakes up with Sugar standing over her with a tree branch, ready to strike. Shawn wakes up glancing at Jasmine 2's empty branch, despondent that the two of them never got to have tree-sex. As a side note, all three of our semifinalists have 's' names, and that's not even counting Sammy or Scarlett.

There will be three mini-challenges, each designed by one of the contestants. First place winners get three points, runners-up get two, and losers get one. Sky's challenge is a hurdle race, which Chris has of course stocked with booby traps. Sky falls down a hole, while Shawn gets two crotch attacks to make up for their general lack in the rest of the season. Nevertheless she wins, with Shawn coming in second and Sugar coming in third. (She thought she was supposed to collect the hurdles. In her defense, doing so really didn't slow her down, which is kind of impressive.)

Shawn's contest is a short race, but one in which you have to jump from tree to tree instead of touching the ground. Naturally, Shawn is in the lead, until he meets a robotic monkey with a chainsaw (of course); he falls to the ground and has to start over. Sky, being smart, had purposefully been following Shawn and takes the lead, while Sugar was climbing to the very top of a tree because she thought a UFO would pick her up or something, I dunno. Fortunately, her Owenian ability to create magic out of bad decisions kicks in as the tree bends and slingshots her to the finish line, knocking Sky off her tree and letting Shawn get in second place.

With the score now tied we go into Sugar's talent contest. Sky decides to burp, saying she doesn't have any other talent. So, her gymnastics don't count because...? But it turns out that she's basically the Black Canary of belching, so she scores well. Shawn outdoes her, however, with an armpit serenade of "The Barber of Seville." Given that both of these acts defy physics, Sugar is really gonna have to be impressive to top them. And she...isn't, because she tries rapping. Girl, you are white, and you ain't Eminem or Harold. Did you really expect this to work?


This episode was good, if fairly simple. Hence why I can't seem to find much to snark at. 

The talents were pretty interesting, and despite my gymnastics comment, I sort of like that none of them had to do with the characters' "gimmicks," so that we got a slightly different view of them. Like that Shawn does armpit noises. ...Okay, it's not a fantastically deep view of the characters, but the writers put more thought into it than just "um, something with zombies?"

I enjoyed Sugar this season, generally. Not that there weren't times when I wanted to slap her, but she was interesting: the closest thing we have to an antagonist this season, but cheerful and (at times, in her own weird way) sweet, without any major attempt to hype up how evil or brilliant she supposedly is. Her rivalry with Sky was...kind of generic, though. Not too different from the various girl vs. girl rivalries we've had over the years.

For some reason Shawn really amused me when he showed off his zombie bunker plans. ;-)

So yeah. Shortish review, but you guys just want me to get to the final anyway, right?

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Anyway, hello! My name is JoeMerl, dAddict and obsessive member of many fandoms. I mostly draw cruddy MS Paint fanart, write far better-quality fanfiction, and am also working on some original fiction that gets posted here in bits and pieces. I hope you like my stuff, and if nothing else, thanks for one more pageview! ;-)

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Current Residence: Pensacola, FL, USA.
Favourite style of art: Cartoonish.
Shell of choice: Turtles.
Favourite cartoon character: Dib from "Invader Zim." There's a very long list of others I could mention.

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So did you ever review episode 13 of Pahkitew? 

I'd love to know what you thought of Dave and Sky's whole situation. :XD:
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Agh, I put it off for so long that it kind of slipped from my mind completely...I really need to try to get to it in the next couple of days. ^^; 
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While I was rewatching Pahkitew I noticed something.

Max and Shawn share some very eerie similarities to Zim and Dib don't they? :XD:

All Max and Shawn need to do is become mortal enemies and it would be PERFECT don't you think? :lmao:
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